Social Projects:

  • Health and family welfare.
  • Personalized health care program.
  • We provide facilities of mobile dispensaries ,Medicare units.
  • We carry immunization, Nutrient for health, medical health check up and blood donation camps.
  • To provide training for reproductive and child health programs.
  • To provide counseling for People living in depression /Pre HIV and post HIV programs, Train people in prevention of STD diseases.
  • To train people in Nutrition for health.
  • To spread message of drug abuse and stop people from using drugs.
  • To motivate people for using Indian system of medicines for curing aliments i.e
    Ayuerveda, Homeopathic ,Unani and with nutrition.
  • We provide community services.
    To Set Up The Center For Visually Handicapped, Physically Handicapped / Disabled Hearing Impaired , Mentally Retarded, Multiple Handicapped And Orphan Children And /Street Children
    -Assistance Of Weaker Sections And Marginal Farmers
    -To arrange better rural water supply system with help the of govt.
    -Encouraging landless labours, field bounded labourers and marginal farmers to get themselves organizes into vacations to better their standard living
    -best efforts to work on welfare of minority section.
  • Provide help to people.
  • To provide free medical aid to the aged , men and women
  • Setup self employment tension free work to keep elderly occupied as also to generate income for them
  • To arrange free feeding of elderly rural poor
  • To set up an ashram “apna ghar” for old people with financial assistance from the central govt. And donations from voluntary agencies.
  • Consultancy for various projects in different fields of development sector.
  • Green india/healthy india. Swachha bharat, swastha bharat
  • Beti Bachoo, Beti Padawoo.
    Share equal love, equal time, equal importance for everyone.
    Save your children from drugs and bad society.
  • Education & employment
    -Help to poor and needy people in education & employment
    -To facilitate self employment by delivering technical and financial services to the women and unemployed youth to the rural and urban areas through cooperation from state govt. /central govt./ govt. Bodies / successful system
    -To establish child labour schools , adult education centers, sex education to adolescent girls and boys
  • Women empowerment
    - entire family depends on women
    - every women wants self recognition alongwith family
    help to mankind / family to lead a diseases free life and lucrative earning
    opportunity alongwith family
    -to facilitate women about their rights and eradication of the differences between girls and boys through trainings and shows
    -to organize seminars training shows plays at grass root , block, district and state level about the decreasing sex –ratio in india
  • Agriculture
    - organic based and eco-friendly techniques
    -to provide training on sericulture and develop own sericulture forms at grass root , block, district and state level so as to increases the organic farming.
    we conduct seminars / training / camps / workshops
    To conduct seminars / training / camps / workshops at grass root level, district, state and national level on all matters and problems affecting the people regarding health, employment, incurable lifestyle diseases / chronic degenerative diseaes, poor and needy people, save the earth , environment and water and make eco-friendly environment, organic farming-organic based and eco-friendly technique.




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